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Michelle has a background in the fashion industry through years of modeling. However, it is her traditional business education that enabled her to work at tech giants such as Google Ventures + Cisco.

Her passion for travel, technology, and fashion, paired with her finance skills, unique marketing approach, and attention to detail make her a unique asset. She practices yoga + pilates, plays tennis, reads (mostly non-fiction), and spends time at the beach or with animals as part of her weekly routine.

Mark has over a decade of experience in the fashion industry. Solely and as part of domestic + international teams, he has guided products from concept to consumer for some of the largest players in global fashion.

His passion for travel, design skills, and ability to fully absorb cultures both locally + globally make him the ideal leader + creative director. With a youthful fascination for life, Mark takes Muay Thai, skates, runs, studies meditation, watches historical documentaries, and listens to podcasts as part of his weekly routine.




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