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In 2017, I made the decision to leave ten years of corporate fashion. 
I wanted to make sure everything I did onward was going to reflect my morals and lifestyle while also making sense from a business perspective.

I carefully analyzed opportunity growth in emerging markets in which I have an interest such as fitness, travel, and even the tattoo industry which has an estimated annual growth of 9% [Forbes]. It then became clear to me, my three main focuses became creative professionals, health + fitness, and travel.

My mission is to curate high-quality products that are on-trend, consumer conscious, and performance friendly.

I have set out to redefine myself and the role I want to play in this world.  This story is not just about a product, but an evolution of modern behavior.

This is our brand's perspective and we welcome all that want to make changes that will continue to enrich and enlighten our world.  

Mark James [Founder]



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